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Does your Sunsign make you indecisive? We offer the Claudiana Beautanica gift card so you can give others the gift of choice. 



Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to redeem them at checkout.

Currently redeemable in the USA only. 


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Give the Gift of Natural Skincare


Let others know you (skin) care about them with a beautiful giftcard from our boutique. They will thank you for the invitation to self~care with help from our delicious bodycare formulas.


001 (Whipped Body Mousse)

Charged with oil~soluble vitamin C, plant ceramide, and nourishing botanical butters, 001 gently and effectively nurtures your body skin and supports even, supple skin tone. With a sensual, uplifting aromatic profile, 001 indulges you senses too. 

002 (Skin Soothe Ointment)

Tradition inspired. Olive oil infused with potent Calendula and Chickweed extracts to calm and soothe troubled body skin. Aromatically enhanced with French lavender, Yakima peppermint, Australian tea tree and American wintergreen, deep breathes result in grounded senses and a gentle touch to the skin alleviates irritation with a cool kiss. 

003 (Handy Barrier Balm Cream)

The velvet glove of hand balms feels amazing and performs amazingly. Melts quickly into the skin and leaves a sensational powder~soft skin feel, all the while nurturing your skin with botanical butters and the ultimate green food ~ broccoli seed oil. The cruciferous plant out performs synthetic silicones when it comes to protecting your hand skin from ravaging environmental stressors. Don't think of it as an alternative. Know it as the staple in your hand care routine, helping skin to self~repair and self~manage. 


There is no limit to the number of gift cards which can be used in one purchase, and any remaining credit is kept on file and can be used toward future purchases until the balance is spent. There is no expiry date on our gift cards. 

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