About Us

Our Story

Born in New York City

Inspired by the NYC cultural backdrop, Claudia (a certified organic and natural skincare formulator) and her team decided to fully immerse in a world that's usually driven by vanity and miracle products, to offer something genuine and personal:

A skin health line created to offer a full~body experience that is effective and easy to use, made with scientifically proven organic and natural ingredients.

Claudiana Beautanica's distinctly unique textures and joyful skin~feels are intentionally crafted to maximize body care with minimal products. Our clean body care goes beyond the face to complement a daily habit of self~care, with interludes of aromatic skin nourishment that eases rushed minds.

Our Philosophy & Mission

Beauty Is Wellness

Simplicity and harmony support a wellness lifestyle. We are socially conscious of contributing to a positive collective mindset which supports healthy decision making for oneself and for the environment.

By helping people feel good in their skin, we exist to help you breathe a little easier, feel closer to Nature, and feel at home in your body.

Real Solutions

Our mission is to offer smart, clean skin health products of the highest quality and value that comprise self~care as a whole, with innovative artisan crafted formulas and low waste packaging. 

Meet our Co~Founder

From NZ to NYC

Claudia Christie was christened into the “Olive oil as a fix-all” school of thought by her Italian babysitter Rosa, sparking her lifelong curiosity and passion for botanical skincare.

Years of DIY kitchen experimentation honed Claudia’s innate flair for natural formulation. In 2014, she set up her studio lab and enrolled in Formula Botanica, the leading online organic cosmetic science school, gaining accreditation as an Advanced Organic Skincare Formulator and making the student hall of fame for her work.

Claudia continues to master the craft and science of natural skincare formulation, excited by the restorative potential of botanicals to safely and effectively keep our bodies feeling, and looking, their best.

Claudia developed our flagship range for the whole body to help counter the oxidative stress the city subjects us to, and as a touchpoint to holistically caring for ourselves and for the body of the planet.