How to Maximize Body Care With Minimal Products

It’s a new year and, given the state of things, you are probably looking for ways to be a healthier you. While working on your mindset, starting outward naturally compliments your journey to get there. However, focusing on improving your body can get expensive and could nullify one of the most common New Year’s resolutions to save money in 2022.


So, in the spirit of trying to make life changes as economical as possible, let’s take a look at how you can give your body the TLC it needs without having to invest in a multitude of products and programs.


Protect Your Skin Cells Against Free Radical Damage With 001 (Whipped Body Mousse)




The body doesn’t naturally create vitamin C, one of the best vitamins for combating skin damaging free radicals caused by exposure to unhealthy toxins like junk food, UV exposure and tobacco smoke.

As your body is unable to create vitamin C, you need to find other ways to protect your skin while you’re seeking some fun in the sun. 001( Whipped Body Mousse) from Claudiana Beautanica is a singular skincare product that is fortified with vitamin C to counter your body’s exposure to environmental stressors.

With our Whipped Body Mousse, a little goes a long way. Through the use of our 001 formula, skin loving nutrients are delivered quickly through topical application and antioxidant support is almost instantaneous.

At Claudiana Beautanica, we believe that skin rejuvenation and protection go hand~in~hand. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate protective skincare product that is both highly economical and effective when applied after exposure to environmental stressors.


Create Multi~Purpose Body Care With a Simple Ointment


Household cleaning products, artificially perfumed soaps, and even clothing can lead to dry, red, and generally irritated skin. For people that live with sensitive skin, they can easily accumulate a mountain of expensive products that may relieve irritation.


Fortunately, 002 (Skin Soothe Ointment) from Claudiana Beautanica creates a total body solution with a single, affordable product. Our ointment brings targeted relief to irritated skin and maximizes natural healing with ingredients such as Cupuacu and Wintergreen to cool the skin and allow it to heal, reset, and look its best after every use.




Moisturize Your Entire Body With 3 Products


At Claudiana Beautanica, we believe in sheer simplicity when it comes to giving your skin all of the attention it needs.

Our products can reharmonize your skin from head to toe. The best thing about adding Claudiana Beautanica to your skincare routine is that it can be done with 3 all~natural, affordable products:


  •  003 (Handy Barrier Balm Cream)

  •  002 (Skin Soothe Ointment)

  •  001 (Whipped Body Mousse)


Our products are known for bringing true relief to your skin. Make this year’s new you a comfortable one with Claudiana Beautanica.

Your skin deserves to glow in the new year. Give your body the care it deserves with Claudiana Beautanica, and make sure that your body soaks in the most natural products possible through the use of Claudiana Beautanica skincare products.
Beauty, simplicity, and natural healing are part of our goal of helping people feel perfect in their own skin. Let us give you the opportunity to find real solutions to skincare issues through truly natural skincare products from Claudiana Beautanica. Reach out to us or peruse our shop today to learn more about our rejuvenating skincare products.