Why You Should Use a Hand Balm Everyday

A person’s hands can easily be considered an attractive physical attribute. However, soft, healthy~looking hands are rarely a natural occurrence. 

At Claudiana Beautanica, our 003 (Handy Barrier Balm Creamis dedicated to providing a unique moisturizing experience that makes even the hardest working hands feel comfortable in their own skin.

Let’s take a closer look at why we believe everyone should use a hand balm in their everyday skincare routine.


Hands Are the Earliest Part of the Body to Show Age


Even if you aren’t someone that works heavily with their hands, it’s easy for your hands to show their age when the rest of your body looks younger. Many people often forget that hand moisturizing is essential to completing their full~body moisturizing routine.

To make sure that your hands stay as soft and well~kept as the rest of your body, use a natural balm cream that leaves your skin replenished and accentuates self~repair, supporting a youthful appearance. 


Healthy Hands Make Manicures Pop


Everyone loves to go out and get a beautiful manicure, and then to receive compliments on it.  However, how great is a new manicure when the skin around your nails is dry, red, and irritated?

Daily use of hand balm helps your skin to retain moisture and gives your hands the smooth, healthy look that doesn’t contrast with your latest manicure design.


Hand Hygiene Dries Your Hands Out


In the day and age where hand hygiene is an essential step in keeping you and your acquaintances free of illness, it’s never been more important to keep your hands moisturized on a daily basis. 


As great as hand washing and hand sanitizer are for our health, constant implementation of these practices dries out your hands and leaves them prone to redness and irritation.


Daily hand balm use helps retain your hand’s natural moisture while adding an extra layer of moisture that keeps your hands feeling fresh, even after the most thorough decontamination practices.


The Environment Stresses Your Hands Out


Every day, your hands are exposed to natural stressors like the sun and wind that can leave your skin dried out and irritated. 003 (Handy Barrier Balm Cream) from Claudiana Beautanica specifically helps protect your skin against environmental stressors through its swift acting, nurturing ingredients that protect your hands with unmatchable tender strength.


Healthier, Softer Cuticles


Trimming cuticles back can leave your skin open to infection. This can cause the rebound effect that makes your cuticles look even more unhealthy than they should. 

Caring for cuticles instead of trimming them will lead to healthier hands that look and feel more youthful. By using a hand balm on a daily basis, your cuticles will be able to soak in essential moisture that keeps them healthy, resulting in cleaner, healthier nails.


Make Claudiana Beautanica a Part of Your Everyday Skincare Routine


If healthy~looking, attractive hands are at the top of your 2022 resolutions, let the skincare experts at Claudiana Beautanica help you get one step closer to fulfilling your beauty goals

Our 003 (Handy Barrier Balm Cream) is an all~natural formula that helps keep hands feeling soft and fortified against natural contaminants. 


Explore our online shop today to find even more skincare products to use on a daily basis. If you still have any questions about how to keep your body care routine all~natural, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions.