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Kokum Butter ~ Give Your Body The Ideal Treatment


With so many skincare products and ingredients on the market, it can feel very overwhelming at times to know which one is best for your unique needs.


But out of all the natural oils that we’ve come to know and love, kokum butter is, without a doubt, at the top of our list. If you haven’t heard of this skincare miracle butter yet, allow us to introduce you to the wonders of kokum butter.

Kokum butter (Garcinia indica), is an all~natural, non~greasy moisturizer and one of the most balanced and nutrient~dense botanical butters out there. Read on to see why this all~natural butter has left its mark in the world of organic skincare. 


From the Trees of India to Your Bathroom Cabinet


So what’s the story behind this almighty natural butter? Kokum butter comes from fruit kernels of the kokum tree. This tree is native to the Western Ghats region in India and is often referred to as the wild mangosteen tree or the red mangosteen tree (not to be confused with the mango, which you can read about here).

To make kokum butter, the kokum oil is extracted from the tree’s seeds and processed into a plant butter, similar to how cocoa or shea butter is made. One of the biggest differences between kokum butter and other plant butters is how firm kokum butter is. It is in fact one of the hardest of the natural butters due to its stearic acid content. Another differentiator is that kokum butter stays solid at room temperature, but melts when it comes in contact with the skin ~ the best of both worlds, IOHO.


Long before kokum butter was ever spoken alongside the words “organic, all~natural skincare,” it was used in traditional medicine throughout India. People would often use the kokum rinds to treat inflammatory issues as well as poor digestion, ulcers, sores, dermatitis, ear infections, and other ailments.


It didn’t take long for people to catch on to the butter’s skin healing powers, which brings us to the present day, with kokum butter more popular now than ever before among skincare fanatics. 


Kokum butter


The saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of this powerful plant butter makes it ideal for supporting a balanced moisture barrier, which helps maintain skin integrity and keeps skin looking and feeling healthy. 

Kokum butter's emollient character makes it easy for the skin to absorb, meaning that all the incredible anti~inflammatory and antioxidant properties in kokum butter go deeper into the skin’s layers, making it an ideal body care treatment.


Heres a bullet list of all the benefits this butter offers:


  • Prevents dry skin
  • Helps to heal ulcers, fissures on the lips, hands, and feet
  • Helps regenerate skin cells
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • Softens the skin
  • Restores skin flexibility


No doubt these impressive benefits leave you wanting to know how you can use kokum butter as soon as possible. We’re way ahead of you…

If your hands are eager to get in on kokum butter (and they probably are!) we formulated it into our 003 (Handy Barrier Balm Cream) so you easily can. Why? because its specific properties help to restore, soften and protect the skin of the hands, which face the most exposure to environmental stressors. Not only that, our 003 can be used for the lips, elbows, feet, and anywhere on the body that needs an extra hand to smooth and revitalize skin suppleness and glow.

 003 (Handy Barrier Balm Cream)